The race will take place in accordance with:

National Law and amendments
The General Rules of RALLY RAID on SSV of the supplementary regulations.
The general rules and their annexes are available on the organizers official sites


Where there are conflicts in the regulations, these are clarified by the specific regulation, circulars that may follow, while disputes are resolved by the Board of Stewards, the Marshals and Race Director.


  1. Classes


  • UTV open, standard UTV-SxS vehicles with CE standards as homologated with seats, harness, fire extinguishers, standard tanks
  • UTV FIA as described in FIA regulations and amendments, J283 technical rules. FIA homologation expired is accepted if less than 5 years or FIA relevant specs
  • UTV Solo, standard UTV-SxS vehicles with CE standards as homologated with seats, harness, fire extinguishers, standard tanks driven by one pilot with motorcycle or relevant navigation equipment


The Race administration will be available till 19/5/2019

Competitors must be in constant contact with the Race Administration to receive information releases.


Information about the race will be available from the Race Administration and the websites www.hellasrally.org


Hellas Rally Raid 2019

The best amateur Rally in Europe gives a full 8 days of holidays and a 6 days of Roaddbook Rally in Greece

20-26 May 2019



Registration opening: 01/08/20118

Limit late contribution records: 15/05/2018

  • Distribution of forms and numbers to competitors during scrutineer
  • Administrative supervision and technical inspection of vehicles: 18/5/2019 12:00 – 21:00 & 19/05/2019 09:00 – 21:00 at the Bivouac

Distribution of the Road Book: One hour after the finish of previous leg

Updates for competitors : Every evening of race day, 20:30

Day 1 | 20/05/2019 12:00 – 18:00

Briefing Day 1 and Day 2 20/5 09:30

Official Starting Ceremony 20/05/2019 21:00 – 22:00

Start 2 Day 21/5 08:00 – Finish 1 Day 17:00 Bivouac – Provisional results from 17:00 – Jury Meeting: 19:00 – Briefing: 19:30

Start 3 Day 22/5 09:00 – Finish 2 Day 18:00-18:30 Race HQ – Provisional results from 15:00 Race HQ – Jury Meeting: 19:00 – Briefing: 19:30

Start 4 Day 23/5 08:00 – Finish 3 Day 15:00-18:30 Race HQ – Provisional results from 15:00 Race HQ – Jury Meeting: 19:00 Briefing: 19:30

Start 5 Day 24/5 09:00 – Finish 4 Day 16:00-19:30 Race HQ – Provisional results from 15:00 Race HQ – Jury Meeting: 19:00 Briefing: 19:30

Start 6 Day 25/5 08:00 – Finish 5 Day 14:00-17:30 Race HQ – Provisional results from 15:00 Race HQ – Jury Meeting: 19:00 Briefing: 19:30

Start 7 Day 26/5 09:00 – Finish 5 Day 14:00-17:30 Race HQ – Provisional results from 15:00 Race HQ

Final Tech Check 17:30 -20:30 Race HQ

Jury Meeting: 20:00 Race HQ
Final Results: 20:30 Race HQ

Official Finish Ceremony: 21:00


4. Race Itinerary

Important Notes:
Starting of Rally Lite depends on time schedule of Rally Class
Refueling and Neutralization refers to Special Stages in case of refueling inside the special stage. All other refueling be will in liaison stages with target time
Maximum racing klm without refueling 130km
Adv.Raid will refuel every 150klm

For the race all competitors which hold a valid driver’s license and will be accepted to race.

Anyone who wants to participate, must complete an application form and deposit the amount corresponding to the class, indicating their name in the comments section and sending it by email to info@hellasrally.org with the deposit receipt of the entry fee.

For more information please go to our website http://www.hellasrally.org.

For the application form to be accepted it must be accompanied by a bank transfer receipt. The original must reach the organizer no later than administrative inspection.

The organizer has the right not to accept more than 200 entries. The organizer has the right not to start the race, if there are fewer than 40 entries. In this case the entry fee will be refunded to the beneficiaries, without any liability.

The Organizing Committee, ALAMM, officers, judges, sponsors, advertisers and the drivers of the

race, do not assume any liability to third parties for any accident which may happen during the race.

The liability is held by the insurance company which has concluded a contract covering risks from these activities.

Competitors should be aware that the stages take place on roads open to public traffic and must observe the National Road Codes

throughout the race.

All participants must hold a valid racing insurance either via their federation or by personal coverage.



Motorcycles will be the first to start the race. After a period of 10 minutes Quads will start, while the first car will follow in time to be decided by the Race Director, but no less than thirty (30) minutes after the last Quad has left the start line.

The first Stage start order (Introduction) will be decide by the Race Director.

After each Leg, the start order will be set by the classification of the previous Stage, motorcycles and Quad will be first, then automobiles.


The race will take place on roads open to public traffic, except the Selective Stages, the Prologue will be closed to traffic of other vehicles. Competitors are required throughout the race to obey the National road rules and the maximum permissible speed set by them, and should show proper attention to regular users of the road. Especially for vehicles passing through residential areas, a designated maximum speed limit of 30 or 50 kilometers is set, unless the local road codes and signs provides lower limit.

In each case, the penalties can reach up to and exclusion from the race.

The route control and speed control will be checked by GPS tracking system, and will be monitored during and after the race, competitors routes will be checked for any violations.


Vehicles must be presented at the start area, one hour before the start of the race; otherwise the organizer may fill the position with another crew or competitor and will not be given permission to start. In this case, the crew which did not appear at the start area can be excluded from the race or stage.


Missed Check Points Penalties

The penalty for missing a check point (CP) is set at 30 minutes for each violation. The penalty can be changed by the Race Director, and confirmation of the recorded tracks of the participants.


Selective stage penalties will result from the total time on selective stage.

Maximum penalty for SS: maximum time of stage+2hours+CP penalties+TC penalties


Liaison Stage penalties for motorcycles, Quad and 4×4 are strictly proportional to the delay or early arrival, i.e. 1 minute penalty for every minute late or early arrival.

A penalty is considered as a late start of each day, stage, or liaison stage, in relation to the scheduled time set by the organizers.

The starting times of both Liaison and Special stage will be strictly on time and without delay, by 3 minutes procedure.

Maximum Liaison Stage penalty: maximum time+2 hours+CP penalties


For exceeding the speed limit in areas of control and speed limit set by the Road Book:

For excess of 1 to 10 km/h: ½ minute penalty (30”) for each kilometer exceeding the speed limit, for each speed limit given in the Road Book, taking into account the higher speed point.

For excess of 11 to 20 km/h: 1 minute penalty for each kilometer exceeding the speed limit, for each speed limit given in the Road Book, taking into account the higher speed point.

For excess from 21 to 40 km/h: 2 minutes penalty for each kilometer exceeding the speed limit, for each speed limit given in the Road Book, taking into account the higher speed point.

For excess over 40 km/h: 3 minutes penalty per klm up to exclusion from the race

If the speed limits are exceed repeatedly: The competitor or crew will be exclusion from the race, even if the excess speed is less than 40km/h


The Race Director of the course taking into account, the penalties set by the General Regulation Rally Raid or penalties set by the General Regulation of resistance, and after agreement with the Stewards may impose penalties that can reach as far as exclusion from the race.

If rider or crew calls for help via mobile phone for direction assistants, the penalty is 15 minutes. If 3 or more calls are made, the maximum penalty is set, assuming that the competitor has not completed the special stage.

The on-time position of the race is set to every day limits from the organization. If a competitor has a time larger than the set time in a CP or TC, he is automatically out of the race, accepting the penalties, so they can continue to the next Stage. The out of race time may be modified by the organizers at any time upon proposal to the Race Director of the race, especially if the delay has come from a CP or TC before the middle of the race. Meaning the delay in the first TC cannot be over 30 minutes, over 1 hour for the second TC, etc. cars that exceed these times in a Stage, can start the next Stage, with corresponding penalties from the stage that was not completed.


The route of the race was done by bike and distances were count by IMO 100R50 Rally, with an accuracy of 10 meters and with car equipped with Terratrip.

Calibration number: 2185. Calibration point is available in front of the administrative control.


Trajectories of vehicles are monitored by satellite tracking – recording systems , where they are able to calculate the correct route of the race, any violations of speed limits, stopping of the vehicle due to technical problems, and any delays due to unforeseen events as e.g. a blocked path, providing help in case of an accident, etc. in such cases the Race Director may decide to remove the particular delay from a crew, when it is proven that the delay was due to a unforeseen event or foreign assistance in case of injury of another competitor.


Early arrival is allowed only on the last liaison stage at the end of each stage of the race. It is not allowed for the rest of the liaison stages, unless the organizer decides for motorcycles riders, for safety reasons.


The final classification in Hellas Rally Raid, will be include the addition of all the penalties from Selective Stages and Liaisons, as ONE race, and not adding point classifications of the 6 stages.


Organizer keeps the right to put stickers on participants’’ vehicles. If the competitor does not want it, must pays double entry fee.


There are cups for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in every category.

All participants who will finish the race will take medals.

Cups for overall winners in motorcycles.


The Prize giving ceremony will take place at Bivouac the scheduled dinner time. The competitors’ presence is compulsory.


11.3 Pilots

Pilots must wear: Full Face Helmet or relevant CE, gloves, goggles

They must also carry on them:

Mobile phone in waterproof packaging (able to phone out and receive calls) which will be open with a loud sound
Horn – lights
Camel Back with water or other hydration system
Mini Survivor kit (compass, torch / flashlight, foil survival blanket, lighter, small mirror, whistle)


CE standards or higher.

FIA Homologated vehicles must comply to all FIA standards.

Expired homologations will be accepted if all parts are in perfect functional conditions.

For extra fuel it is necessary to use either safety tanks (FIA or CE) or jerrycans installed in a safe place and by using metallic brackets.

Belts or similar synthetic material will not be accepted


All competitors are responsible for the safety equipment given by the organization (GPS trackers, timekeeping sensors – transponders, mobile or global phones), and they had to return them back in the same condition. A warranty will be deposited in advance and refunded if all equipment is returned in safe condition. Otherwise, they had to pay for any damage or loss. Carrying of any type of fuel canisters on the vehicles is forbidden. Only recommended extra tanks for Quads and bikes CE approval or prototypes that are part of the frame or the subframe(s) of the bike – quad.