Iberian Raid 2021

Regularity event

It is a unique group or personal experience,in the remote mountains, forests, beaches,valleys and more in six days escape raid
Single Bivouac-Hotel every day minimizes your costs and expands your experience

The everyday route is between 160-250 kilometers, 90% of them are off-road.

Route Avg Speed Terrain Mix Refueling
1 150km slow soft Y
2 220km medium, fast mud, hard pack, off road Y
3 250km medium, fast off road, soft Y
4 120km medium hard pack, soft Y
5 200km medium off road, hard pack, mountain tops Y
6 180km medium, fast off road, hard pack, mountain tops Y

The route will be driven with GPS waypoints and Track.
It will depend on the choice of the participant to choose what is better for his

abilities of navigation through this raid.

single bivouac, gives you the ability to enjoy off road with a minimum cost and under the organizers management low cost support will be provided to all, including: 

  • Necessary Equipment
    • Off Road Tires
    • Off road rider clothing & protections
    • Medical First Aid Kit
    • Cell Phone with roaming
    • GPS device (Garmin Map Plotters) 60 C, CS, CSX 276 – 278 C Montana Zumo (350, 550, 660) 62-64 S, ST
    • Aluminum blanket
    • Road Legal Bikes
    • Green Card
    • Tire repair kit

2 categories

  1. Raid 1 lite bikes up to 700cc
  2. Raid2 Big bikes 650-1300cc Bi Cylinder

Road Group available this year

With the Iberian Raid 2020, you have the chance to smell some rally essence parallel to the Iberian RALLY RAID 2020 in 6 days and in the most beautiful Greek landscape. The special feature is that you can do it both off road and on road.

It will be the first time the opportunity to come to the rally track and to watch how the pros (Chris Birch, Dirk von Zitzewitz or Heinz Kinigardner for example) fly over the rally track.

So that experienced riders are not under-challenged and newcomers are not overwhelmed, we have developed different demanding routes.

In order to handle riding challenges, you have the opportunity to ride on parts of the rally tracks without time and competitive pressure. There will be detours for the difficult spots.

Furthermore, you can also use a complete street route, if you prefer to enjoy completely touristy land and people. Only the way to and from the rally track would then be covered off-road.

For your safety, every participant gets a tracker, which transfers your location to the organization in real time. In addition, security drivers will be on the route and a dedicated medical team with access to a rescue helicopter is also available.

Navigation via GPS tracks, which are re-recorded and checked daily. New this time is that you also have the option of road book navigation for the off road tracks. Both the classic paper version and the new electronic roadbook via tablets or smartphones are supported by us.

On the daily briefings you will be informed about all current importance and possibly necessary changes of the course and the event. These take place daily in English and after posted in the bivouac and published online in all media in more 4 languages.

In the bivouac, for the first time, there will be very daily local catering and a campfire place. You can exchange that with one another during the day. In the bivouac, the big rally teams are represented and so it could well be that you eat together with one of the “heroes” the catering.

More parallel events will be announced soon along a series of outdoor and cultural activities for all visitors and followers while participants will be busy in the most spectacular routes of Portugal.

The Iberian Raid 2020 is a great opportunity for adventure tourism, sportive navigation training, physical training for rally or enduro competitors and of course a very intense and pleasant vacation time.

The route is suitable for Moto, Quad and SSV and consist of everything: from stones, mud, dust, river crossing, forest, grass, valleys etc; and going from the sea level to 2400 meters altitude.

Contact: info@iberianrally.org